TallyCode LLC
To redesign a website for an IT solutions and services provider to help them better market themselves.

Old Designs
Our client Ted, CEO of TallyCode, met my team with a proposal to redesign his existing website. He wanted to find a way to market his company's services and acquire new clients.

First Impressions

His existing website had very few visuals and tools for user engagement. There was very little color consistency and the pages were text heavy. He was happy with his existing logo, so we kept it.

We had no time to waste.

Primary Colors

We used bright, contrasting colors like blue and yellow to grab the user's utmost attention.


Our lively, IT themed iconography introduced teal as a secondary color for some visual seasoning.

Who were we designing for, anyway?


We were building for a government and corporate clientele, so the design had to be clean and functional. It was crucial to keep it simple.

Trust is everything

As a government contractor, TallyCode has a huge responsibility to secure data and get the job done. Testimonials from past clients help build trust and provided a great way to humanize the content.


To acquire new clients, it is crucial to showcase a company's qualifications and capabilities; we placed them all together (left).

We wanted to demonstrate their skills through their recent work, the projects page (below) helped drive that message home.

Client Feedback
We had weekly meetings with our client and potential users at every stage of the process.

Ted was excited about the new look, he found the design fresh and easy to navigate for target users.

For the final delivery, we shared our extensive competitive analysis with the client and provided a clickable prototype of the website built in Figma.

For this project, I worked in a design team with UI designers Lara Teile and Cynthia Chiofolo. It took us a month to build it and it is now in development.

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